Discovering our professions: Technical Referent

Éléonore Herquelot, Technical Referent in biostatistics at Soladis explains the role and activity of the technical referent.

Le métier de Référent Technique

Éléonore Herquelot – Technical Referent in biostatistics

« Depending on the day, the technical referent may have to deal with a veterinary study, a study on alternative medicines or a study on leukemia patients. The themes are very different and exciting because of their complexity, in the sense that they are subject to regulations; we must therefore provide the best methodology while respecting a very precise regulatory framework.

The term technical referent defines a profession that is addressed to a person with several years of experience in statistics. This is a very interesting job because there is a lot of diversity; indeed the technical referent will deal with issues that can be very complex while adapting to a world that is in motion.

The technical referent must make regularly a bibliographic monitoring, to keep updated on all the new methodologies that he can offer to his clients. This is the difficulty of this job since the technical referent is in a role where he must daily produce and deliver results to its customers and at the same time always stay abreast of what surrounds him.»

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